BY Movie Production Company is the largest film company in Minsk, Belarus.

Our company specializes in production and postproduction in commercial video and cinema of varying complexity. BY Movie has its own equipped filming pavilion with the area of 1200 sq.m.
350 sq.m. makes up the chromakey zone. There are a lot of technical equipment in BY Movie studio -  ARRI Alexa mini, Red Dragon movie cameras, all Ultra Prime linear optics and various professional anamorphic optics, a full line of warm lighting, filming accessories.

Currently, we have launched a new service - virtual production, which allows you to combine virtual space with live actors and real objects. It's a 120 sq.m. of LED screens, for tracking cameras we use the VIVE PRO system. The whole system runs on UE4.

Also we have a big professional stuff – directors, DOPs, art directors, editors, colorists, decorators, makeup artist with plastic makeup and shepherd skills.